Massed Bands Troop

Bass Drum

The Senior Drum Major orders the slow troop of the massed bands to the march 'Les Huguenots' by Meyerbeer, which has been used at this point in the parade since the end of the last century.

General view of the Massed Bands of the Household Division

The massed bands then halt in the centre of the parade ground and, precisely positioned, they march off in quick time.

Drum Majors

As the Bands and Drums clear the central carriageway, a lone drummer breaks away to take up a position two paces to the right of the 'Escort For the Colour' where he will give the "Drummer's Call" to troop the Colour through the ranks.

The massed bands halt and the lone drummer plays the drummer's call. This signals a change of command of the Number 1 Guard, referred to as the 'Escort For The Colour', which passes from the Captain to the Subaltern.

Trooping the Colour
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